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General Info 2020

We leave June 13th
We return June 17th

Please note: COVID-19 does not affect OTST.

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2020 Schedule

OTST 2020 is in about 63 days.

Trip Details:
When: Saturday, June 13th – Wednesday, June 17th.
Where: Popp’s Resort - W11581 County Road X, Crivitz, WI
Who: If you received an invitation, you are invited.

Popp's Resort Website
Weather Forecast for Crivitz, WI

  • $210.00 (for prepay | Before June 1st)
  • $250.00 (for non-prepay | Starts June 1st)
  • $65.00   (day rate | per day)
  • $150.00 (for kids | 12 - 17)
  • $75.00   (for children | 11 & under)

  • Dave Just: Hog Roaster & Screen Tent
  • Mark N.: Fryer
  • TJ: Fryer
  • Mel: Smoker
  • Scotty?: Covered Trailer
  • Chris: 5 Propane bottles

For those who wish to join the caravan, we will be meeting at Jimmy the Moosh's for breakfast at 9 am. JTM's address is 516 Cambridge Ave., Waukesha, WI 53188.
GPS to JTM's

Please Note:
  • Cottage units do not provide towels.
  • All units are non-smoking.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • Please be careful with the pontoon boat, as OTST is responsible for all damages. Please assign an appropriate designated driver.

New Members:
  • Dave [Mels Bro] (welcome)
  • Zach J. (welcome back)
  • Nicky [Connor's Friend] (welcome)

2020 Schedule:
[coming soon]