OTST Mobile
When: Saturday 9:00pm
Hosts: Scotty & Jackson
Entry Fee: Free!

Uncle Jimmy's Poker Tourney
When: Sunday 2:30pm
Host: Beens
Entry Fee: $25.00

50/50 Raffle
When: Sunday (before dinner)
Host: Bird
Entry Fee: 1 for $5 | 5 for $20 | 15 for $40

Cribbage Tournament
When: Monday 2:30pm
Host: Jackson
Entry Fee: $20.00

Bags Tournament
When: Monday 8:00pm
Hosts: Doug
Entry Fee: $20.00

Rock/Paper/Scissors Tournament
When: Tuesday 2:30pm
Host: Hawkin
Entry Fee: $5.00

Georgia Tournament
When: Tuesday 10:00pm
Host: JTM
Entry Fee: TBD

Note: For more info, talk to the tournament host(s). Be there or be square. Good luck to everyone!