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Sausage & Peppers with Pasta Salad
By: Bones & Jerry
Time: 7:00pm
Clean-up: Kent, Kyle, JD & Taylor M.


Hot Cakes & Bacon
By: Dave & Zach
Time: 9:00am
Clean-up: Sam, Holes & Josh

By: Sam, Josh H. & Holes
Time: 1:00pm
Clean-up: Payton & Zach J.

Smoked Butt, Coleslaw & Baked Beans
By: Scotty, Mel & Jackson
Time: 7:00pm
Clean-up: Chris J., Kaleb & Travis


Eggs & Sausage
By: Dave & Zach
Time: 9:00am
Clean-up: Cannon & Hawkin

Frog Dog Bar
By: Bones & Bird
Time: 1:00pm
Clean-up: Beens & Tommy

Wings, OT's Fries & Fuggots
By: Mark, TJ, Aunt Margie & RP
Time: 7:00pm
Clean-up: Ritch, Payton, Jay & Connor


Egg omelettes, bacon & toast
By: Chris J. & Travis
Time: 9:00am
Clean-up: Josh S., & Kaleb

Mussels & fish with Fries
By: Sam, Josh H. Kent & TJ
Time: 1:00pm
Clean-up: Doug, Tylor & Taylor M.

Prime Rib, Salad & Fuggots
By: Scott, Bill & Margie
Time: 7:00pm
Clean-up: Mike W., Jeff S., & Dave K.


All the leftovers.
You're on your own!
Time: All day
Clean-up: Everyone

Note: The daily "Camp Clean Up Schedule" will be posted daily by JTM.
Basic Responsibilities:
  • Put all cold usable leftovers in outside refrigerators
  • Cap all opened bottles and refrigerate perishables
  • Do all dishes in one of the nearby Motels or Cabins
  • Clean and wipe down tables.
Wednesday AM Pack & Clean: EC & BOD
Note: It is EVERYONE'S responsibility to keep the camp ground CLEAN.