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New business for 2023:

Coming Soon!

New business for 2022:

-Venue Change Next year, OTST will be held at the Water's Edge Resort in Stoddard, WI. This new venue has already been booked, but is not yet paid for. We are expecting to save around $3,500.00 on lodging at the new venue.

No vote took place for this, as it was an E.C. only decision.

-Motion to increase poker tournament buy-in from $25.00 to $40.00.

Motion Failed 2 votes to 11.

-Motion to purchase a new Blackstone Griddle for use at OTST.

-Motion Approved Unanimously-

The Griddle purchased should be less than or equal to $300. Samuel is volunteering to purchase the griddle and be reimbursed later, as he receives an automatic 10% discount.

-Motion to add a seafood dinner (nicknamed 'crabshack') to the OTST dinner plan for this year.

-Somehow Motion was Approved with only 3 votes.

New members:

  1. Zach Just (Technically a returning member)
  2. Walter (Hannah Just's fiancée)
  3. Aaron A. (Relative of Steven Hawkin)
  4. Nathan A. (Relative of Steven Hawkin)
All aforementioned individuals were approved.